SALEM COUNTY, N.J. (CBS) – Dozens of drivers got into a sticky situation early Tuesday morning when a tanker spilled liquid asphalt onto a stretch of a major highway in South Jersey.

It happened on I-295 Southbound, between RT-130 South/Commodore Barry Bridge and RT-48.


Around 20 to 30 cars were forced to pull over on the side of the road. There were also reports of some vehicles getting flat tires and others getting stuck.

Tri-State Transportation Company is taking responsibility, saying one of its tankers was spilling the asphalt. The truck driver tells Eyewitness News that around 5 a.m. condensation got into the tank, causing it to boil over.

The spill happened from the entrance of the Paulsboro Refinery until around exit 11 on I-295. Crews say they had to scrape hardened asphalt off the road from the refinery, all the way to I-295 Southbound.

The driver of the truck was not aware of boil over because it was dark out when it was happening. The truck continued on to its destination in Baltimore without any further incident.

The liquid asphalt has since been cleared from the roadway.