NEWARK, Del. (CBS) — “It doesn’t feel real,” said 16-year-old Lyliah Skinner, who survived the mass shooting inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.

“We were all huddled up in this small tiny space. I don’t know how 65 of us fit in this area but 65 of us did, thank God,” described Skinner.

“It makes me emotional because like I love my niece, you know and I want her to be okay,” said Vic Parker.

Parker is Skinner’s great aunt. Skinner FaceTimed with CBS 3’s Chantee Lans from Parker’s dining room in Newark, Delaware.

“We were kind of in the middle of the campus a little bit,” Skinner explained in the midst of a deep sigh.

At times, recounting that day was too much for the high school junior to bare. Her close friend Madelaine Wilford, an 11th grader, almost died.

“She got hit I think more than three times, her right lung collapsed and then she had 5 broken ribs and three were shattered,” explained Skinner.

Three of her friends died, including Pennsylvania native athletic director and coach Christopher Hixon, 12th grader Joaquin Oliver and 11th grader Helena Ramsey.

Father Of Two With Pennsylvania Ties Among Those Killed In Florida School Shooting

“I know this is what they would want, they would want us to be talking about it. They’d want us to try to do something about it,” said Skinner.

So Skinner decided to write a poem and named it Untitled:

He came inside with an AR-15 emptying bullets into my friends Hixon, Maddie and Joaquin.

Sick in the head, he knew what he wanted to do. He would’ve shot me and you and you too.

Broken and unapologetic, he came on his will, just because he’s angry, doesn’t give him the right to terrorize and kill.

He murdered and terrorized many and traumatized others, taking them away from their fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers.

Times needs to change. This isn’t making us great. A generation being killed by the love of guns, at the hands of hate.

We’re just teens, we should be going off to college. Not worried if we’re gonna be shot while getting the proper knowledge.

You want to blame sickness, go on go ahead. Just remember, we can’t be the future if most of us are dead.


Skinner said she plans to return to her high school because that’s what her friends and all of the 17 people who died would have wanted her to do.


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