By Jim Melwert

PENNSYLVANIA (CBS) — One state lawmaker equated it to “children turning in homework.”

Parties involved in the court-ordered redistricting of Pennsylvania congressional districts have submitted their maps. Now it’s up to the State Supreme Court to decide.

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“They’re leaning to something that makes sense,” said Democratic political consultant Neal Oxman when asked if he sees a theme in the numerous submitted maps.

He says the focus on the redrawn maps on southeastern Pennsylvania is “to have the four suburban counties essentially have their own districts, more or less.”

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Unlike the current map which slices Montgomery County into five separate congressional districts.

“None of those members of Congress actually lives in Montgomery County,” Oxman said.

“It makes it a challenge for anyone in Montgomery County to get the full attention of their member of Congress,” said Val Arkoosh, Montgomery County commissioners’ chairwoman.

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Republicans promise a series of court challenges to what they call an unfair court process they’ve labelled “judicial-mandering.”