By Molly Daly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Nature watchers around the world are taking part this weekend in the Great Backyard Bird Count. The free event runs from Friday through Monday.

Audubon Pennsylvania’s Bird-Friendly Communities program manager Steven Saffier says the Great Backyard Bird Count is an easy way to give researchers a snapshot of which birds are where at this time of year.

“It’s a program where anyone can do it, you don’t have to know 500 birds,” Saffier said.

You can spend as little as 15 minutes on one, or all of the days, counting the most of any one species you see.

“Submit the information into the database,” said Saffier.

There’s plenty of information available to get you started.

“At ebird, and, and, of course, our website at the Great Backyard Bird Count tab. It’s a great way to get into bird watching if you’ve never done it,” Saffier explained.