HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — Now that Governor Wolf has rejected a new map of congressional districts drawn up by Republican legislative leaders, each side thinks it’s up to the other to submit a new proposal ahead of Thursday’s deadline set by the state Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court has said it will draw up its own map if the legislature and Governor Wolf don’t agree to one by Thursday.

After Wolf rejected the map proposed by top GOP lawmakers Tuesday, House Speaker Mike Turzai said he believes the onus is now on the governor to respond with his own proposal.

“We cannot respond until we see his map,” he said. “We have to see a map. Produce a map.”

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Wolf’s spokesman J.J. Abbott says GOP lawmakers are welcome to try again based on the governor’s critique of their first try.

“If they want to take that feedback and use it to amend what they’ve done, that’s really up to them,” he said.

The Senate majority leader Tuesday accused the governor of trying to run out the clock in order to leave the map-making to the high court.

If the court does draw a map, the leader says the next stop will be federal court.