By Matt Peterson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The weekend rain has since moved out and the sunshine is back in the forecast, but the effects of the heavy rain we had over the weekend are still being felt across the area, and in particular in Burlington County, New Jersey, along the Rancocas Creek where a flood warning has been in effect for the last couple days and right now is set to expire Wednesday morning.

While this is not a historic flood and we are not really expecting any kind of true problems with the high water, it is still a good idea to see how this recent surge of high water stacks up to some of the more recent flood events along the Rancocas Creek.

pemberton river flooding Flood Warning Continues For Rancocas Creek Even As Waters Recede

So far, this event has resulted in flood waters that have peaked at 2.76 feet. That is technically into the minor flood stage for the creek in Pemberton. The official flood stage starts at 2.5 feet, so this event crested with waters that were 0.26 feet above the flood stage.

When the water gets this high in Pemberton we usually end up with some minor flooding in Eastampton along Rustic, Peninsula, and Paducah Roads. Lee Street, Joe Road, and Jill Court in Southampton also begin to flood. The good news this time around is that we have not have many if any reports of even minor street flooding but as waters continue to recede we should remain vigilant for the chance for high water.

Right now the forecast points to the high water being down below flood stage by Wednesday afternoon as the flood warning expires. We should then continue to see lower water levels into Thursday as well, and we should drop out of even the Action stage by early on Thursday morning.

watches and warnings flash flood warning1 Flood Warning Continues For Rancocas Creek Even As Waters Recede

For those of you curious about how this week’s high flood waters compare the recently and all time, it ends up being toward the bottom the list. The Rancocas Creek has crested in action stage, or flood stage, 31 times since the 1930s, which is as far back as the records for this site go. In that time the highest water mark was in August 2011 when the creek crested at 4.91 feet and the lowest crest being 2.31 feet in March 2011. The cresting height for this event was 2.76 feet and occurred on Feb. 13. That height comes in at 24th on the all time list of Rancocas Creek cresting heights and the first time the creek has crested in flood stage since 2014.

Remain safe as high water remains a concern throughout the rest of Tuesday and into Wednesday afternoon. Always remember, turn around, don’t drown.