By Matt Peterson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A system that was more reminiscent of early spring rather than the middle of winter rolled across the Delaware Valley and the surrounding areas this weekend and it left some really messy weather in its wake.

Rain showers started as early as Saturday afternoon in areas, but really picked up as we moved into the overnight hours Saturday and then throughout Sunday as well. Flooding, which was concern with this system, remains something we are keeping an eye on, especially across New Jersey where some places received over 3 inches of rain with a couple showers still in the forecast for Monday morning as well.

rain list new Slowly Drying Out After A Drenching Weekend

As the rain moved in on Saturday afternoon, it started light in many spots before really picking up in the afternoon. We got a quick break through some of the evening hours on Saturday, before the main area of precipitation came barreling into the region on Saturday night and was relentless throughout the day on Sunday.

watches and warnings flash flood warning Slowly Drying Out After A Drenching Weekend

A flood watch was in effect for the entire area on Sunday, and while the Watch was eventually canceled, it was replaced with a flood warning for the Rancocas Creek in Pemberton, New Jersey. The flood warning remains in effect until 3 p.m. on Tuesday, since it will take that long for the high waters to eventually recede. The creek is likely to crest this morning and slowly dip below flood stage by this afternoon. While that is our only warning that is in effect, it does not mean we haven’t seen very high rain amounts across the whole area.

record rain single Slowly Drying Out After A Drenching Weekend

Rain amounts have been as high as 3 inches-plus across New Jersey and Delaware, with spots in Maryland even getting as much as 6 inches of rain with this system. Philadelphia, you could say, “lucked out” this time around with just around 2 inches of rain that fell. While Atlantic was not one of the “jackpot” zones for highest rainfall, it still got enough to break a record for Sunday. Atlantic City came in at just under 2 inches, breaking the old record of 1.7 inches set in 1886. While these amounts are high, we are not quite finished with the rain. Showers will continue across the I-95 corridor and especially areas to the south and east across New Jersey and Delaware throughout the morning hours on Monday. We are still looking for the potential for an additional couple of tenths of rain before the precipitation finally completely clears the area heading into the early afternoon.

rain chances2 Slowly Drying Out After A Drenching Weekend

After the rain moves out, the final phase of the system will move in. Watch for temperatures to dip throughout the afternoon, and while we woke up to temperatures in the 50s and 60s in places, we should be sitting in the lower 40s throughout the afternoon. Winds will pick up this afternoon as well, and gusts could be as high as 20 mph at times, so grab the heavier coat as you step out the door because you might not need it now but you will need it later on today.

region Slowly Drying Out After A Drenching Weekend

The good news in all this is that high pressure will build in tonight and tomorrow and there should be some sunshine in the forecast the next couple days with temperatures that remain seasonable to slightly above normal most of the week.

Have a great Monday and week!