CALIFORNIA (CBS) – It’s tax season, and thieves are keeping an eye on your mailbox – to steal your tax refund check.

But thieves got more than they bargained for, at one California home. That’s because they stole a package full of 500 cockroaches from a mailbox belonging to Rosalinda Vizina.

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She’s an Entomologist studying the insects.

Vizina says she doesn’t care about the lawbreakers, she’s concerned about her cockroaches.

“This particular time I ordered cockroaches,” said Vizina. “I feel a little bad for the roaches if they got smashed and tossed… but for the thieves I hope they went everywhere.”

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Authorities say mailbox theft happens more often this time of the year because of tax returns.

They warn you to watch out, unless you’ve got a package full of cockroaches in your mailbox.