PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Love returns to the heart of Philadelphia in grandiose fashion.

The iconic LOVE statue is back home at LOVE park.

“It’s been a way for a year. It’s been undergoing a major restoration, and it’s coming back to LOVE Park, just in time for Valentine’s Day,” said Margo Berg, the site’s public art director.

The statue made its triumphant return to Philadelphia on Tuesday in the form of a parade. The short parade started at 25th and Pennsylvania in Fairmount on Tuesday morning and ended at JFK Plaza, which is better known as LOVE Park.

Berg says the parade displayed the statue in front of other Philadelphia monuments, like the Swann Memorial Fountain and the Joan of Arc statue.

“See it on the move, see it kind of in different iconic locations, take a selfie in front of it as it’s moving through town and kind of welcome it home,” said Berg.


LOVE parade route

Credit: CBS3

The Robert Indiana sculpture spend a year getting a makeover as it cost $55,000 for a fresh paint job and primer, among other enhancements, and $12,000 for a new stainless steel pedestal.

“The colors we had become accustomed to, red, green and blue, were actually incorrect. It was supposed to be red, green and purple,” she said.

This parade, however, was a bit toned down from last Thursday’s Super Bowl parade.

“We are excited to be parading it through town, welcoming it back to Philadelphia, after a whole year of being away,” said Berg.

There will be an official park and statue dedication in the spring.