PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — During Black History Month, the accomplishments of black Americans are both remembered and celebrated.

The owner of one African gallery in Old City says she honors African history year-round, and invites guests to do the same.

Tribal Home, located on 3rd Street, is one of Philadelphia’s hidden gems and has been for more than 30 years.

Founder Karen Riggs says Philadelphia has a rich legacy of African history and Tribal Home honors this history in a unique way.

“I wanted you to come to a place where you could find a mask or statue with an antique feel,” said Riggs.

She says she wants to education people and help celebrated the artistry of African artifacts.

“I like at the handcrafted work of carvers that have passed their art down for centuries and think, ‘this was just a piece of tree,'” Riggs said.

The gallery also has an ongoing partnership with the Barnes Foundation for their First Sunday, which is free and open to the public.

“I like the Barnes because Dr. Barnes was the first American collector to collect African artifacts,” said Riggs.

Every First Sunday at the Barnes is free, and guests of Tribal Home skip to the head of the line.