PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you’re wondering who owns the New England Patriots and happen to be using Google you may be surprised what results you come across.

Nick Foles, the quarterback who lead the Philadelphia Eagles to win their first ever Super Bowl and then was named Super Bowl MVP, has now accomplished something even more unbelievable — owning the New England Patriots, well at least according to Google.

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As far as Google searches go this one is pretty funny, unless you are a Patriots fans.

If you Google search “New England Patriots owner” or “Patriots owner” or even “Who owns the New England Patriots?” you won’t find Robert Kraft’s name, the team’s actual owner, instead you’ll find Nick Foles.

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Nick Foles, Patriots owner? (via Google)

This isn’t the first time this has happened on Google either, remember that time Lavar Ball founded the NBA? This even happened to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, he was named owner of the New York Jets franchise.

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As for Eagles fans if you want to get in a good laugh type quickly as Google is sure to make the correction soon.