By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Next week is all about love with Valentines Day…and a local candy shop is helping folks learn what to eat and drink to get you in the mood for the holiday!

Pavia Burroughs is event facilitator of Shane Confectionary’s Love Potion Workshop on Thursday and Friday February 15th and 16th. She says those who attend will hear a lecture about the intertwining history of medicine, magic and soda fountains:

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“And then everyone’s going to be let loose to make their own love potions!”

Burroughs says the potions are essentially soda syrups:

“And everybody’s going to be able to take home a little heart-shaped vial of their love potions soda syrup that they can turn into a soda for two when they get home.”

And they can be made at home:

“Simple syrup recipes are easy, they’re just sugar and water and tea and you can find them online and to make your own soda syrups from scratch at home, you cook the simple syrups with other things like lemon zest or orange peel or fruits and then you can strain them to get out all the organic bits and then you mix it with seltzer and that’s essentially how sodas are made.”

Historically, certain flavors are associated with different traits — and there’s a lot to learn:

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“I’m hoping that people get a little bit of information and maybe think about how we eat foods and the history behind them and how other people might have looked at foods in the past, but I also hope that people come out to have fun!”

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