PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — To be called the City of Brotherly Love certainly didn’t ring more true than at Thursday’s championship parade.

“Everyone was helping each other, they were being kind,” said Dustin Javier, a longtime Eagles fan.

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Dr. Argie Allen Wilson, director of clinical training at Drexel University, chalks the good behavior up to the so-called “Eagles Effect.”

“It is a thing, I do think Philly fans down in record as some of the most passionate fans, but just like anything else, when you think about someone who is very passionate, you have a lot of energy, a lot of synergy,” Wilson said. “We don’t have to carry that title of never winning a title, but we have to make that count, so we have to carry that into other areas of our lives, that energy, synergy, compassion that we all experienced from Sunday to Thursday. We need to make that count.”

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Javier witnessed this himself, when at the parade, he saw someone holding an urn of a loved one who loved the Eagles. He says a group across the street sent a police officer to deliver a beer to that man.

“When he went to look at the crowd, they raised a beer to him, to toast him for carrying the urn with him,” Javier said.

It’s the beauty of a city that loves its team, says Eagles President Don Smolenski — and just one of many acts of kindness throughout the season.

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“You read the article about people spreading ashes of family who couldn’t be there with them physically and were there in sport,” said Smolenski. “It moves you in a tremendous way — words really don’t do it justice. You have to look at the pictures that speak a thousand words and I think yesterday it spoke millions.”