HARRISBURG, PA (CBS) — Under order from the state Supreme Court, Republican leaders of the state legislature delivered the new map to Governor Wolf Friday night.

The new map would have the infamous 7th Congressional district cut a swath through parts of Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware Counties on a generally northeast to southwest axis.

The map was not delivered as a bill passed by majorities of the House and Senate. But Drew Crompton, counsel to Joe Scarnati, the top Republican in the Senate, believes the first deadline has been met.

Crompton says drawing up the maps was delayed because the high court did not issue a majority opinion in the redistricting case until Wednesday.

“We complied with the words of the order. We did what we could do in light of us being hamstrung,” he said.

Crompton says lawmakers may attempt to send the map in the form of legislation next week, before the Thursday deadline the governor has to act. Governor Wolf says he will review the proposed map, but questions the lack of a bill.

You can see the full proposed map by clicking here.

(credit: Tony Romeo)