By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Law enforcement, for the most part, looked the other way during the Eagles parade.

Traveling, unlicensed street merchants set up hit-and-run style on side streets, hawking hats, gloves, and other Eagles items.

“Business is OK today, nothing to brag about right now, but when the parade is over it’s gonna get much, much better,” said one merchant.

One bold entrepreneur dragged a wagon full of green Eagles flags through the middle of Market Streeet, in full view of the cops.

“They say Super Bowl Champions 2018 and it has the whole Eagle right there. Business good? So-so,” he said.

Open containers of alcohol were also in plain sight.

“Pabst for breakfast, breakfast of champions right here. I figured, ‘What’s cheap and easy to carry? Twelve-pack of PBR, that’s it.'”

But as long as no one got hurt, or out of line, the rules went out the window, at least for one day.