By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS/AP) – After a day of celebrating the Eagles Super Bowl victory, leaf blowers were used to break up the layers of beer cans confetti bags and plastic bottles from the Parkway.

Fans clad in Eagles green jammed the streets from dawn near the stadium to an afternoon rally at the city’s famed “Rocky” steps, lining up 20 deep in spots to catch a glimpse of the champs. The Eagles rode in open-top double decker buses to the art museum that Sylvester Stallone made famous for a rally nearly 60 years in the making.

By nightfall Thursday, it was a mass exodus, as lines wrapped around 30th Street Station and a steady flow of walkers across the Ben Franklin Bridge.

According to SEPTA officials, service to all Market-Frankford and Broad Street Line Stations resumed at 7 p.m., following adjustments for the Eagles Parade. Rides on both lines will be free through the end of the service day thanks to sponsorship by Independence Blue Cross.

City Trolley Routes also resumed all-stop service as of 7 p.m.

The PATCO returned to its normal schedule at 7 P.M. Both Eastbound and Westbound service will be restored and all stations will return to normal service at that time.

“SEPTA did a terrific job today as did the police and the fire department EMTs, everybody I’m thrilled to be here and pleased to be an honorary citizen of Philadelphia,” one Eagles fan said.

The next step for the city: making this enormous spectacle appear like it never happened, tearing down the stage and picking up what was thrown down.

But it’s all in a day’s work for a city grinning from ear to ear after a day that appears to have been well worth the effort.


Alexandria Hoff