By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney tipped his hand a tiny bit about what to expect at the Art Museum ceremony celebrating the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory. The mayor is taking part, but he’d rather stay in the background.

Mayor Kenney says he and Governor Tom Wolf both will make speeches, but his will be short and he’s only doing it, he says, because aides and organizers told him he has to. He stood firm on not riding in the parade.

Philly Officials Expect Fun, Orderly Super Bowl Parade

“These players have been playing football from pee wee to high school to college and now to the NFL, they train 12 months a year, this is about them,” the mayor said. “It’s not about politicians, it’s not about anybody else. This is our celebration for what they accomplished.”

Kenney would like fans to remember that, too, especially the folks he calls “knuckle-heads” who might be tempted to get disruptive.

“Have fun and honor them and honor our coaching staff and the ownership,” he said. “This was a wonderful feat. Just clap for them and let them have their day in the sun.”