HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) –– Gov. Tom Wolf is again calling on state lawmakers to impose a tax on natural gas drillers. The governor also proposed more education spending in the new budget proposal he rolled out Tuesday.

In a re-election year, Wolf’s budget address was largely devoted to his list of first term accomplishments. Otherwise, the governor spoke mostly in generalities about what he wants in his next budget.

“Because we began to take a new approach to our budget, I can come before you today with a budget that makes the investments we need to continue our progress without any tax increases on Pennsylvania’s families,” he said.

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The governor is again calling for an extraction tax on natural gas drillers, and getting another negative reaction from Republican Mike Tuzai, the Speaker of the House and gubernatorial candidate.

“We are not interested in increasing taxes, not just on families, but job crushing taxes,” Tuzai said.

The governor is also proposing an extra $225 million for education, including $100 million more for basic education.