By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A computer in every pocket, a smart speaker in many homes — but when the internet is everywhere, risk is not far behind. Mitigating that is the goal of this “Safer Internet Day.”

With “Be Internet Awesome,” Google has made a game out of building up defenses.

“It’s designed to bring forward things like education on cyberbullying, and to get kids thinking about privacy, security, and phishing,” said Google’s LaToya Drake.

Since the majority of kids between ages 6 and 12 have a smartphone, Drake says it’s critical to help them learn the signs of scams and dangerous behaviors, like grooming and bullying.

“We do have to take some time and spend some time educating them,” said Drake.

The rest of us might benefit from a refresher course on safe internet habits: do you practice good password hygiene? Have you set up two-factor authentication on every website that offers it? Do you set a good example by keeping your devices out of sight during family time, and out of your hand while driving?

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