By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Ike Reese is a Philadelphian. He’s been here for two decades now and last night when the Eagles won the Super Bowl, he was brought to tears.

The 44-year-old radio host on 94WIP’s Marks & Reese Show went to high school in Ohio and played college football at Michigan State. But the Pro Bowl Eagles linebacker played in Philadelphia from 1998-2004 and has hosted radio shows on 94WIP ever since he retired in 2006.

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Reese lives in South Jersey and despite hosting shows from radio row in Minnesota during Super Bowl week, he made sure he was home with his family for Super Bowl Sunday.

“I went to tears last night,” Reese admitted on Monday. “I took me a moment, got away, and I’m like, ‘Dude we just won the Super Bowl’. As great as it would have been to be at the game last night in Minneapolis, it wouldn’t have been as great if they weren’t with me. Quite frankly, I knew they were going to win. We’ve been saying this for two weeks. I wanted to be home with my son and my daughter who love the Eagles — and my neighbors — and make sure I’m hugging and kissing people that are friends of mine, loved ones of mine, and we live through this team together. Season after season, week after week, in season, tough losses. I had to be with them last night.”

“I was talking to Trot [Jeremiah Trotter] earlier today and first thing I said to him was, ‘Man can you believe they won the Super Bowl?’ He said, ‘Hold up, Ike. We won the Super Bowl. That’s partly mine too.’

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“And I agree with him,” Reese said. “Didn’t play one snap, didn’t lift one weight — haven’t lifted a weight in years. Didn’t do one ounce of training, no blood sweat and tears this year for this team. But as this team goes, my emotions go.”