PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  Nick Foles was nothing short of an inspiration on the field Sunday night and at the press conference podium Monday morning.

Despite leading the Birds to their first-ever Super Bowl victory, Nick Foles’ future as an Eagle remains uncertain.

gettyimages 914356092 Nick Foles: Dont Be Afraid To Fail

Foles  threw for more than 373 yards and completed three touchdowns versus the New England Patriots and was named the Super Bowl MVP.

Foles has one year left on his contract with the Eagles as franchise QB Carson Wentz is recovering from a season-ending ACL injury.

From Pondering Retirement To Super Bowl MVP 

During the press conference he said Drew Brees texted him before the game to remind him ‘it’s just football.” Brees and Foles attended the same high school 10 years apart. Foles said the text helped him keep his composure on the world stage.

Foles, who earned his own hardware in the form of a Super Bowl MVP, told reporters that he remains grounded throughout all the adversity he and the team faced.

Nick Foles Wants To Become A Pastor When Playing Career Ends 

He told the crowd of reporters,  “Don’t be afraid to fail. I’m not Superman. We all have daily struggles in our life. Embrace the struggles and grow.”

He said. “Instagram, Twitter- it’s all a highlight reel. Failure is part of life. It’s part of building character and growing. Without failure, I wouldn’t be up here.”

Foles says the Eagles had a celebration after the game, which he briefly attended, before going back to the hotel to spend time with his wife, daughter and mroe than 20 friends and relatives who joined him in Minnesota.  He said he hugged his dad on the field and that was a special moment since his parents sacrificed so much to allow him to play the game of football.

When asked whether he’ll come back to the team next year he said, “I’m staying in the moment. I’m not worried about my future right now. I take a lot of pride wearing the Eagles jersey and I’m excited for Wentz to come back healthy. I’m just living in the moment.”


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