By Molly Daly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Philadelphia man was aboard Amtrak train 91 at the time of the crash.

Just before 1 o’clock Saturday afternoon, Derek Pettaway posted to Instragram a photo taken through the train window, and the words “Bye Philly. See you later.” with the hashtag #Floridabound.

Pettaway told CNN he’d been asleep in a sleeper car near the back of the train when he was awakened by the collision. He says the crew didn’t waste any time.

“The crew came through really quickly, got everybody detrained in a really calm fashion, and then first responders showed up within 10-20 minutes.”

About two hours later, Pettaway tweeted a picture showing at least one car upright but off the tracks, saying he and his traveling companion were ok, and offering thoughts and prayers for the injured.