PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A growing Philadelphia startup may have the key to cashing in, but they’re not focusing on Gen-X or millennials, it’s about their successors.

“We’re focused on them becuase they are a highly busy group of young people,” said DC with Go-Puff, an app-based retail company that’s putting a modern twist on “meeting customers where they are.”

DC says retail success in 2018 lies in catering to “Generation Z.”

“They’re hustlers. They expect instant gratification. Go to our app and we’ll have it to you real quick,” he said.

And what’s different in 2018? Gen-Z won’t be going to sports bars to watch the Super Bowl, ordering from across a bar, or over the phone. Gen-Z will be using an app to satisfy their cravings.

What does Gen-Z say? Shantell West, a Gen-Z-er says it’s not like it was years ago. Her generation is “sold” on convenience and her friends only cyber shop on apps and websites.

“They’re sold, they get everything offline, there are so many fashion websites. In the 90s you had to go to the store to buy clothes, but now it’s like you just go online,” said West.

And, because they are a Philly-based company, there will be Super Bowl specials.

Go-Puff is now in more than 26 cities across the country.