PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  Follow along for all the updates as the Eagles take on the Patriots in Super Bowl LII!


0:00: For the first time ever, the Eagles win the Super Bowl!

1:05: Jake Elliott nails 46-yard field goal to put Eagles up 41-33.

2:09: Tom Brady fumbles and the Eagles recover!

2:21: The Eagles go back up five after Nick Foles hits Zach Ertz on an 11-yard touchdown catch. Two-point conversion falls incomplete. Eagles up 38-33.

9:22: The Patriots finally have their first lead of the game as Tom Brady connects with Rob Gronkowski on a four-yard touchdown pass. Patriots up 33-32.

14:09: Jake Elliott nails a 42-yard field goal to make it a six-point game. Eagles up 32-26.


3:23: The Patriots come right back as Tom Brady hits Chris Hogan with a 27-yard touchdown. Eagles now only up 29-26.

7:25: Nick Foles connects with Corey Clement on a 22-yard touchdown pass that was held up on review. Eagles up 29-19.

12:15: The Patriots come out firing in their first series of the second half, as Tom Brady connected with Rob Gronkowski on a 5-yard touchdown pass. The Eagles lead has now been cut to 22-19.


:38: In what is one of the greatest trick plays in Super Bowl history, tight end Trey Burton throws a one-yard TD pass to quarterback Nick Foles on fourth and goal. Eagles go up 22-12 on the Patriots as they head into halftime.

2:04: Patriots storm down the field after an interception and James White scores a 26-yard rushing TD. Gostkowski shanks the extra point and the Eagles lead is cut to 15-12.

7:25: Stephen Gostkowski nails 45-yard field goal for Patriots. Eagles still up 15-6.

8:48: LeGarrette Blount scores on a 21-yard touchdown. The Eagles miss a two-point conversion. Birds up 15-3.

14:13: Patriots miss a bungled field goal attempt. Eagles still up 9-3.


End of the first quarter, Eagles up 9-3.

2:34: Nick Foles connects with Alshon Jeffery on a 34-yard touchdown catch, but Jake Elliott misses the extra point. Eagles up 9-3.

4:17: Patriots answer back with a field goal of their own. Game tied 3-3.

7:55: Eagles settle for a 25-yard field goal after marching down the field on their first drive. Eagles up 3-0 on Patriots early in first.