By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia Auto Show has wrapped up its 117th annual showcase.

This was a big year for the Philadelphia Auto Show, according to director Mike Gempp.

“We opened up the show this year with a record setting opening weekend. Eighty-five thousand people set a record on Saturday, setting a record on Sunday, and we had another record to the closing Saturday with 62,000 people,” said Gempp. “It just shows you the passion of the automobile industry right now, especially right here in Philadelphia.”

Gemp says he thinks people are drawn to the show because it gives them something they cannot get anywhere else.

“The Internet is a wonderful thing and you can get all the information you need; from specs, to pricing, to contacting dealers, but you cannot see and sit in a vehicle and compare it to the next vehicle,” he said.

Terree says this was his first year going to the Auto Show, and that seeing the real thing beats looking at the cars on line.

“Seeing a beautiful woman on the internet, and then coming and seeing her live in person is just totally different,” he said. “To be able to sit here and see some of these Rolls Royces and Maseratis, and to be able to see it this close is just a beautiful ordeal. I love it.”

Gempp says, over the last five years, the Auto Show has averaged 250,000 attendees annually, and this year is one of their three best years ever.