By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There’s a lot of love for the Eagles right now.

In fact, one Bensalem couple loves the Eagles so much, not only have they purposely scheduled their wedding for Superbowl Sunday, they’re having a Superbowl wedding theme with the game on at their reception.

Sabrina Seneca is dreaming of an Eagles win on her wedding day.

“It’s definitely not your traditional wedding!” she said.

She and her finance Christian planned their Superbowl wedding in nine days.

 Bensalem Couple Plans Super Bowl Wedding

Taken at a Bensalem nail salon on Saturday before Seneca’s Super Bowl themed wedding. (credit: Sabrina Seneca)

“And at the championship game, I just said, you know what, if the Eagles make it to the Super Bowl, we are going to make it to the altar and get married on Super Bowl Sunday!” Seneca said.

Everyone pitched in to make their big day happen:

“My runner, which is the yards, my dad made us out of Astroturf. It goes down you know 10-20-30-40 and we’re actually getting married on the Eagles end zone!” she said.

And the main event after they walk down the aisle will be the Superbowl, of course!

“My dad’s actually bringing in about 10 TVs in the country club, they’re being set up. We’ll go through the normal, traditional stuff like father/daughter dance and when kickoff starts it’s strictly just watching the Super Bowl,” said Seneca