By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The number-two administrator in the School District of Philadelphia is leaving to run the school system in Omaha, Nebraska.

Cheryl Logan, the chief academic officer for Philadelphia’s schools, is heading to Omaha to be a first-time superintendent. She’ll become that district’s first African-American and second female superintendent.

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“It’s very humbling for me to know that I broke that ceiling, so to speak,” Logan said. “And I’m looking forward to my time there.”

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Logan, who is bilingual, says she believes she’s a good fit for a 53,000 student district that is a quarter African-American and one-third Hispanic.

“They talked a lot about my ability to speak Spanish,” she said. “I’m not a native Spanish speaker. I started to learn Spanish in the seventh grade.”

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Superintendent William Hite recruited Logan from Maryland five years ago. She’ll continue in her Philadelphia role until the end of June.