By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — This weekend is all about the Eagles. So how about a few suggestions on what to serve at your Super Bowl party?

If you want to serve green food this weekend, but you want it to be healthy….

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“There’s a lot of things that you can use to make things green without using green food dye,” said Chris Beyer, executive chef of Milkboy.

“Wings are a staple of the Super Bowl, so we do a green buffalo sauce. We use green hot sauce that you can buy in the supermarket, mix it with agave, which is kind of like honey but it’s derived from succulents. We use a little butter to emolsify and it’s this beautiful, vibrant spicy green buffalo sauce.”

Chris Beyer, executive chef of MilkBoy (credit: Hadas Kuznits)

You can also make an herb-infused oil using any oil and a green garnish like basil.

“You can use this herb oil to make a pesto that you can spread on the inside of dough with some other garnishes, maybe some feta or some cherry tomatoes, roll it up, bake it off and you’ll have this beautiful green roll!”

The herb infused oil can also make your drinks green.

“It can actually be used to float on some cocktails as well.”

As for chef Beyer’s ultimate Superbowl food?

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“Nachos are a no-brainer.”

The key to great nachos though is to make sure all ingredients are blended well.

“Everyone’s had that nacho experience with everything on top and you eat the first couple bites and there’s nothing underneath.”

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