By Greg Argos

RIVERSIDE, N.J. (CBS) — The name Tom Brady is not well respected in the Delaware Valley.

Just ask Tom Brady, himself.

“You get a lot of razz,” said Brady, of Riverside, New Jersey.

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Brady was named after his father and is a huge Eagles fan.

“It’s a family name. My dad is Tom Brady as well. He kind of gets the same ragging,” he said.

Brady was actually before the one who throws a football for a living.

As for the Patriots quarterback, let’s just say this Tom Brady isn’t too fond of the other one.

“There is no respect. There is no liking. Hate is a very strong word in my book. I don’t like him at all,” said Brady.

However, Brady says his name does have some benefits, like when making dinner reservations and people assume he’s the celebrity version.

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The Brady name even helped him get out of jury duty.

“Last Super Bowl I had jury duty the day after and hoodie on head down,” he said. “It was nice to get out of jury duty when everyone starts looking around wanting to do some bad things.”

This time around, Brady is hoping the Eagles exact their revenge on the Patriots’ Brady.

“I don’t wish any ill feelings, but I want to see him get knocked down a lot,” said Brady. “I’m expecting an Eagles win, a big win.”

Brady has two sons and was considering naming them Tom Brady III and IV, but couldn’t do that to them, so the name is ending with him.