By Dan Wing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Just like the Eagles are getting ready for Sunday’s big game against the Patriots in Minnesota, area pizza shops are prepping for one of the busiest days of the year.

Super Bowl Sunday is always a busy day for pizza shops and take out restaurants in our area, but with the Birds playing in the big game this year, it could be the busiest yet.

John runs the kitchen at Luigi’s Pizza Fresca at 24th and Fairmount. He says they usually make about 200 pizzas on a normal Sunday. This year, he expects them to just about triple that number, with the 2nd most popular item being wings.

In a normal week, John says they order about six or seven cases. But this isn’t a normal week.

“This weekend we’re prepared to sell probably about 13 to 15 cases,” he said.

Each case holds close to 200 wings. He says Luigi’s will be at full staff with extra delivery drivers on duty too.

“Just hope that people are going to be a little bit more patient with us because we expect it to be extremely busy,” said John.

John says it’s all worth it, because he’s feeling confident in an Eagles win.