By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Philadelphia judge who locked up rapper Meek Mill is threatening to sue the rapper and his organization.

Common Pleas Judge Genese Brinkley has hired attorney Charles Peruto Junior to demand an apology for accusations that he believes border on defamation of character.

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“If there’s not an overall apology from Rock Nation, Jay Z and Joe Tacopina, etc. that these things are in error then they’re all gonna get sued,” said Peruto.

Peruto denies Mills allegation that the Judge sentenced him to 2-4 years last December because he refused her request for personal favors.

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“She’s never been accused of anything since she’s been on the bench since 1993 and this has really affected her and other judges,” said Peruto.

Mills attorneys have released a statement saying they wont be intimidated and in fact look forward to a lawsuit from a judge who has a lengthy history of suing people and organizations.