By Alicia Nieves

PORT RICHMOND, Pa. (CBS) — Most bars and restaurants have sold out of Super Bowl LII watch-party space but not all hope is lost if you still want to watch the big game in that kind of atmosphere.

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It’s just two days until the Super Bowl in Minnesota and in Philadelphia, people are anticipating the watch parties.

“We sold 100 tickets in an hour,” said Chris Mullins Jr., owner of McGillin’s Old Ale House. “It sold out intermediately. We were stunned.”

Despite a $100 per person price tag, it wasn’t hard for a bar like McGillin’s in Center City to sell out its Super Bowl watch party tickets.

The bar, like many, will have a special atmosphere with green beer and Philadelphia Eagles-themed drinks like the “Iggles” martini.

But not all hope is lost for those still wanting to enjoy an atmosphere like this on Super Bowl Sunday.

Most bars or restaurants that sold out of Super Bowl package tickets still will allow some standing room bands or tickets on the day of the actual big game.

“We’re trying to operate like we do on every day. So, first come first serve; we retain that on the first floor,” Mullins explained.

McGillin’s will allow the first 185 people to party on the first floor. Eagles party-goers just have to pick up $5 wrist bands at 11 a.m. Sunday.

Then, there’s a few bars like Silence Dogood’s Tavern, which is renamed “Eagles Dogood” this week, that are refusing to pre-sale tickets for the big game.

“I don’t believe in doing ticket sales,” said Chris Dubil, general manager at Silence Dogood Tavern. “I want everyone to be able to watch the game, come in and be excited with us  and rally for them to win the Super Bowl.”

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If you can’t find a bar or restaurant with space to watch the game on Super Bowl Sunday, you can always do a last minute at-home watch party.

Slack’s Hoagie Shack is one of the few businesses that will take delivery and catering orders on Sunday, even during the game.