By Cleve Bryan

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) — From school gyms to city halls, it was a day to get pumped up with friends and co-workers for the Eagles.

In Camden, Mayor Frank Moran led the pre-Super Bowl pep rally.

“This is what it’s all about, we’re looking forward for this great championship on Sunday and we’re going to celebrate,” said Moran.

City and county employees appreciated capping off the week with an afternoon of food, fun and lots of dancing.

As much fun as it’s been Friday,  traditionally the Monday after the Super Bowl is a whole other story.

A new survey by the Workforce Institute estimates 14 million Americans plan to call out sick Monday, and you can bet that includes Eagles fans.

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In fact, the Hamilton Township School District in Atlantic County sent a letter to parents this week warning of “delayed student pick ups at bus routes” because of drivers calling out.

“We have been advised by Sheppard Bus Service that there may be delays as a result of driver calls outs on Monday and Tuesday after the Super Bowl,” read part of the letter obtained by CBS Philly. “Accordingly, we ask for your assistance in maintaining safety at the bus stops in the even that buses arrive later than normal pick up time.”

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Photo provided to CBS3

CBS Philly has reached out to both the Hamilton Township School District and Sheppard Bus Service for comment, but we have not heard back.

Oscar Holmes is an assistant professor of management at Rutgers Camden and says the best way for employers to reduce the sick calls Monday is to emphasize to staff how important they are and do something to keep the comradery going after the Super Bowl.

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“I think it’s best for employers to just feed into the frenzy to get on the good side of their employees,” said Holmes.

Officials in Camden County say more fun, no problem here!

“After we win on Sunday night we’ll come together Monday and plan a victory party,” said Camden County Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli.