By Alicia Nieves

PORT RICHMOND, Pa. (CBS) — As the Super Bowl nears, demands are at peak level for food orders and businesses throughout the Delaware Valley are getting stuffed with calls.

The owner of Slack’s Hoagie Shack told Eyewitness News he had an extra person working at the sandwich shop everyday since Tuesday, just to take catering orders for Super Bowl weekend.

Those orders have been coming in nonstop and the team at Slack’s has been busy trying to prepare as much as possible.

This level of busyness at a business like this is a trend all over the city and region this weekend.

Ever since the Philadelphia Eagles destroyed the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship game, it has been non-stop madness.

“The night of the NFC Championship, the phone calls started coming in for reservations, for catering,” Sean McGranaghan, general manager of Chickie’s & Pete’s, said.”You have literally had to man people on the phone just to work the phones.”

Businesses like Chickie’s and Pete’s in South Philadelphia have quadrupled the number of food orders for the Super Bowl on Sunday.

“We have a lot of pre-orders for it,” McGranaghan said. “We are probably going to have to stop them about 4 o’clock the day of the game, because we need to give our staff the ability to be able accommodate everybody in here.”

So many businesses are only taking orders until tomorrow or at best, just before the game. So, if you haven’t placed one yet and want to — hurry!

“We heard that nobody is taking orders, that same day, they all want everything pre-ordered but we are not doing that,” said Dennis Slack with Slack’s in Northeast Philadelphia.

“This is my 30th Super Bowl at the store. This will be our number one day ever I believe,” Slack said, explaining the busyness of Super Bowl Sunday.

The owner of Slack’s told Eyewitness News he bought an additional fryer just to fry all the wings he’ll have to go through this weekend.

He’s also going to have a refrigerated truck outside just to hold the additional wings and all the meat he’s going to need to fill orders.