PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The family of Lukas Kusters — the boy who had a special relationship with Carson Wentz and later lost his battle with cancer—has been invited to the Super Bowl by the Eagles.

“He’s very much with us and I think he’s been with the team all season too. We got his picture seat belted in the car with us, he’s very much with us,” said Lukas’ mother.

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Credit: CBS3

Lukas, 10,  had been battling stomach cancer and got the chance to meet Wentz and teammate Jordan Hicks last spring. Lukas, who’s nicknamed the “The Dutch Destroyer,” passed away two weeks later and requested to be buried in his Wentz jersey.

The Emotional Story Of Carson Wentz And A Boy Who Lost His Battle With Cancer

“To think that he’s buried wearing my jersey — it’s just so much deeper than football, that’s what it comes down to,” said Wentz in an emotional video. “It’s so much more than just a game.”

“Dutch Destroyer” is the name painted on signs, shared with a hashtag on social media and worn on the wrist of Carson Wentz. That wristband was a gift given to the Eagles quarterback in May by Kusters before he died.

Lukas’ mom said the Eagles have been great to their family since her son’s death.

“They have been wonderful to us, they have really rallied around us. It just made us feel great that they wanted us to be a part of it,” she said.