By Anita Oh

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. (CBS) — On most days, the adults at one South Jersey-based day program color within the lines.

This weekend, they’ve got a vision that may go against the grain.

“I’m rooting for the Eagles,” said Kenny Hauser, 55, a Giants fan. “I want the Eagles to win their first Super Bowl.”

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It’s a common sentiment, and on Friday, it came complete with arts and crafts and karaoke.

Durand, which helps individuals with disabilities and special needs, hosted a Super Bowl party for its day program participants.

They came all decked in their team spirit and on Friday, they got another addition to their wardrobe that just may bring good luck.

Eyewitness News handed out CBS3 Year of the Underdog capes, a perfect statement for longtime fans like Giselle Fernandez.

“Eagles are fine, even though we lose last year, so what?” she said.

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These kinds of events are important, says Jennifer McEaddy, principal of the Durand School.

“It’s great for them to do what typical peers get to do and have that camaraderie,” said McEaddy. “I’m 100 percent rooting for [the Eagles]. I’d love for them to beat the Patriots.”