By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Just about any business person worth their salt is looking for a Super Bowl connection, and at a local bagel shop, a referee should have blown the whistle for piling on.

Three competitive eaters bellied up to the line of scrimmage: a deli table at Spread Bagelry in University City. But the third guy, Will, bowed out.

I kindly asked his measurements.

“Six feet, two inches, and five bills (500 pounds),” said Will.

So it was Wayne, “I am 5’10”, 265, and a lovable log.”

Who squared off against the 6’1″ 170 slim guy, Darron.

A closer look at the “Beagle.” (credit: Steve Tawa)

The two competitors got all lox, schmear, and bagel, as store owner Larry Rosenblum watched.

“We’re eating the BEAGLE, the Super Classic Whale Beagle!” Rosenblum said. “We start this bad boy with a four-and-a-half pound bagel, it’s an everything bagel. For the Eagles, it’s the all or nothing bagel, because that’s what the game is.”

It was piled high with three pounds of smoked nova salmon, three pounds of whitefish salad, two pounds of cream cheese, topped with tomatoes and cucumbers.

Wayne and Darron take on the Beagle. (credit: Steve Tawa)

“All in, about 14.5 pounds,” said Rosenblum.

In six previous years, no one finished. The game clock was set at 45 minutes, but it took these ringers just 20 minutes to tear through that green bagel.