By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Super Bowl LII will feature dozens of new commercials, and perhaps a new version of the most popular commercial of 2017.

There were no focus groups or analytics involved in the creation, just two New York ad agency employees bouncing ideas off one another for a commercial called “Banquet.”

They kicked around “huzzah” and “hear, hear” before pulling this one seemingly out of thin air.

“Dilly Dilly!”

Paul Pavlou, Temple University Senior Associate Dean, is an expert in marketing research who instantly recognized that Dilly Dilly would become a commercial classic.

“It’s a nice catch phrase, sounds good. I think it’s presented in the various ads in a nice way, with the wizard and the Bud knight, with the pep talk before the war in a very light, fun fashion,” said Pavlou.

Another in a long of advertising hits for Anheuser Busch.

Pavlou predicts we’ll see a new version of “Dilly Dilly” on Sunday night. Philly Dilly anyone?

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