NEW YORK (CBS) – A Massachusetts woman who was pictured in an “irreplaceable” photo with Beyonce and Jay-Z is talking about her surprise encounter.

The photo went viral after the Grammys.

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Susan Monoghan was staying in a New York City hotel with her family over the weekend. That hotel was also hosting a Grammys party.

As she was heading to her room, she saw an entourage, and then she saw the power couple.

“It dawns on me, that’s Jay-Z, so I turned and went, ‘Ohhhhh!'” recounts Monoghan. “I turned and I’m like, ‘Beyonce!’ I was like frozen.”

She was so stunned that she didn’t take a selfie with Beyonce and Jay-Z, so she figured no one would believe she actually saw them.

But Beyonce herself posted the picture with Monoghan to her Instagram account.

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Beyonce has 110 million followers.