PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is not taking any chances.

In a video originally on Snapchat and has since gone viral, Mayor Kenney is shown having some fun demonstrating the lengths that he has been going to ensure that the Eagles are provided with only good vibes.

“Always works!” he says in the video after throwing a handful of salt over his left shoulder.

From avoiding walking under an ill-placed ladder to ridding bad energy in his office with a sage burning ritual, the mayor showcases the most common of superstitious acts.

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“Out evil spirits,” he says while wafting sage, “Out Belichick.”

“I didn’t think up all of the ideas in the video but it was fun doing it,” he said, “especially the sage stick. My office smelled for hours after that.”

The mayor told Eyewitness News that he doesn’t consider Philadelphia to be any more superstitious or routine oriented than any other city but clearly feels that a few doses of good luck never hurts.

“Find a penny pick it up, all the day you have good luck,” he says after picking up a shiny penny from the floor of City Hall, “And it’s heads! Go Birds!”

During an interview Thursday evening, CBS3 reporter, Alexandria Hoff showed the mayor an umbrella and asked him what he would do if she went inside and opened it.

“You would probably lose it,” he responded, “I’d pick it off like an interception.”

In responding to why the statue of William Penn above City Hall is not dressed in Eagles gear, Mayor Kenney cited several instances from the past where it may have served as bad luck.