By Justin Udo

NARBERTH, PA (CBS) — There was a big pep rally for the Eagles on Thursday from some of their tiniest fans.

Thursday’s Torah reading from Rabbi Shawn SimonHazani to the tots at Har Zion Temple in Narberth, Montgomery County came with the special message of Eagles carrying people to triumph over their enemies.

“Hopefully, our spirit will help the Eagles achieve their victory,” SimonHazani said.

The kids, who’ve practiced the Eagles fight song since November, sang it at their Eagles Super Bowl pep rally.

As for how many touchdowns the kids think the Eagles are going to score?

“One hundred!”

“One hundred touchdowns. WOW!”

Many of these kids are just learning the alphabet, but there is one word they know how to spell.

“E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!”