By David Madden

WEST LONG BRANCH. NJ (CBS) — It appears a plurality of Americans want to see the Eagles win Superbowl LII this weekend.

Forty-three percent of respondents in the Monmouth University poll want the Birds to take home the Lombardi trophy. Eighteen percent favor the Patriots, while 39 percent couldn’t care less who wins the game.

In fact, the poll shows only one in five Americans are really excited about the match-up.

Poll Director Patrick Murray offers this caveat.

“One in four people said that they would not want to meet an Eagles fan in a dark alley,” Murray told KYW Newsradio, “but they’re still rooting for the Eagles.”

That compares to 14 percent fearful of a meeting with a New England fan. So we may have some work to do on the PR front.

Oh…and one more thing.

“Forty-nine percent say it’s actually the TV commercials that are going to be the more interesting part of this year’s game,” Murray added.

And before you point fingers, 43 percent of men feel that way. So I guess the big winners on Sunday will be the advertisers.