By Anita Oh

MEADOWBROOK, Pa. (CBS) — Eagles fandom has reached all walks of life, including one maternity ward at a local hospital.

Within the maternity ward of Holy Redeemer Hospital, the cries are clear, and loved ones are making sure that in due time, those cries will sound more like this.

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“When I knew she was coming this week, I said she was going to be a Super Bowl baby, so I think she’s going to be a good luck charm for our Birds,” said Reyna Cuyjet, who gave birth to her daughter, Blake, on Tuesday.

Adding to the positive energy, hospital volunteers, including Dotti McHale, hand-knit dozens of Eagles caps for the newborns.

“Oh, it’s precious, precious,” McHale said. “I hope they win. They deserve it. They waited a long time. I’d like to see them win.”

A sole Patriots fan arrived, too.

The hype is growing across the region just like the newborns, and fans believe the Birds will bring home a win.

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It seems when at birth, you’re donned in green, you bleed green — a loyalty that doesn’t fade with age.

“You’re not allowed in my house if you’re any other fan. [My daughter] has to be a fan. It’s the law,” Cuyjet joked.