PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — “It’s a great time to be a Philadelphia Eagles fan,” said  Karen Weaver, who has been a fan her whole life. For the first time, she’s able to attend the Super Bowl.

Weaver is among hundreds of Eagles fans flying out of Philadelphia International Airport heading to Minneapolis, Minnesota to watch the Eagles take on the New England Patriots Sunday in Super Bowl LII.

“Usually other teams go, this is my team this year so we’re excited,” said Eagles fan Craig Salamone.

“So excited. Thrilled,” said Carol Gruber.

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Gruber’s sentiments were echoed by Eagles fan Karen Weaver, “Absolutely, once in a lifetime opportunity to go.”

“This is more than special. I mean I’ve seen them play twice in the Super Bowl and I’ve seen them lose twice. So I’m very interested in seeing them win is the third time is the charm they say so I’m looking forward to it,” explained Ben Lattimore.

Rachel Dececco is also among the many catching a flight to Minneapolis from Philadelphia on Thursday.

“My dad and my brother are flying out tomorrow so he’s had season tickets for 52 years so taking a trip to Minneapolis to hopefully bring it home,” she said.

Boston native and lifelong Patriots fan Marty Ferrero is not hoping the Eagles bring home the Lombardi trophy. He lives in Philadelphia now and is also flying out to Minneapolis.

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“I feel like I need a bodyguard wearing these colors. I’m surrounded by green,” he said.

Eagles pride is traveling across the country and globe.

“I’m going to a Super Bowl party in Munich Germany,” said Debbie Lessin, who is traveling for work. “I have my garb in there. I have my big bird hat. I got it all. I’m ready,” she said.

While many catch their flights, Eagles fan like Jennifer Hunter is taking the more than 17-hour drive from Philadelphia to Minneapolis.

“It’s just a lot of driving. It’s just endless so I just want to get Minneapolis at this point, ya know,” said Hunter.