HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — The Eagles fight song echoed through the state Capitol rotunda Wednesday morning.

Bethlehem state Senator Lisa Boscola led a group of Eagles fans in a hearty rendition of their team’s anthem during a short rally.

“The Lehigh Valley has always been Eagles country,” Boscola said. “It’s never going to change.”

Philadelphia state Senator Anthony Williams senses broad support for the birds in the cavernous halls of the state capitol. He was there sporting a Randall Cunningham retro jersey.

“I wore this on the floor one day. They all came up, touched it, praised it, enjoyed it, cheered it,” Williams said. “So I think all Pennsylvanians are Eagles fans – temporarily – this year.”

On the bandwagon?

“On the Wentz Wagon,” Williams said. “Even though he’s on the sideline.”