By Rich Zeoli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — New Jersey Congressman Tom MacArthur told The Rich Zeoli Show on 1210am WPHT  shared his thoughts on the vote to release the GOP Surveillance Memo.

“Congress is the people’s house and we give a lot of authority to the government,” he said. “And with that, we have an oversight responsibility to make sure that is not abused.”

MacArthur says he’s read both the classified memo and the classified rebuttal to the memo and without getting into what was in the memo, he says the “allegations were serious.”

“Anytime we are talking about abuse of government, the American people need to know. Anytime there is an allegation of an American citizen’s rights being  curtailed, I think it deserves very close examination.”

When asked if he thought the memo should be made public, MacArthur said “I don’t know. The intelligence committee has spent 100 of hours in hearings. I don’t pretend to have the same insight.”