PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —On Tuesday members of the fire department returned to the North Philadelphia neighborhood, where one of their own died, for a special mission.

While investigators continue to probe the cause of the Jan. 6 blaze that killed Capt. Matthew LeTourneau and another man, firefighters say the work of protecting and saving lives must continue.

They were installing smoke alarms in homes along the 2200 block of North Colorado Street, where the tragedy occurred.

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Deputy Fire Commissioner Craig Murphy says it’s what LeTourneau would have wanted them to do.

“Matt was very much into fire prevention as well as firefighting, it’s our duty to come out here,” he said.

Murphy says a $1 million federal grant is paying for the alarms and firefighters are installing them.

“We got about 30 houses on each side of the street, we want to hit 60,” he said. “You know, we want to put up as many smoke alarms as we possibly can.”