COLLINGSWOOD, N.J. (CBS) — A South Jersey town is taking its Eagles fandom to a whole other level.

The Borough of Collingswood posted on its Facebook page a letter sent by Mayor James Maley Jr. to a couple who are Patriots fans, with a tongue-in-cheek message they are breaking an ordinance flying a flag “with any resemblance of a Colonial soldier or any reference to the love of Country exhibited by Colonial soldiers.”

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“We have been advised that you continue to fly this flag in violation of Borough Ordinances. In the event you do not immediately remove this flag, the Borough will be forced to shut off water to your house,” Maley said in the letter.

The letter concludes, “We look forward to your removal of this eyesore from this wonderful neighborhood in the Borough. Thank you for your cooperation with this Borough Ordinance.”

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The Facebook post has been shared dozens of times since it was posted on Monday.

The Eagles take on the Patriots in Super Bowl LII on Sunday, Feb. 4.