By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Tales of public drunkenness, open containers, DUI’s and possums are just some of the posts you’ll find on the Phoenixville Police Department’s Facebook page.

“The most popular ones are really the silly ones that leave people shaking their heads,” said Sergeant Joe Nemic.

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Twice a week, Nemic posts incident call logs — commonly known as police blotter reports — to Facebook.

“Years ago, the police beat reporters used to come around to the police departments and read through our blotters and then they would ask for copies of the reports that they wanted to put in the newspaper,” he explained. “But we haven’t had a reporter come to the station for years, so I’ve kinda replaced that service to the citizens and our followers on Facebook by posting the blotter.”

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Sergeant Nemic, a 26 year police veteran, took over the blotter last summer. His posts have helped the department nearly double its Facebook following with sometimes-humorous, “can you believe it” entries.

“This one lady in particular called us to her house, she had a dead possum,” Nemic said. “She was insisting the animal had been shot, and while she was talking to the officer she was digging into the possum carcass with her fingers trying to retrieve the bullet. That particular incident was very popular”

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So what’s next for Sergeant Nemic? Perhaps Twitter!