PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Donovan McNabb is in the Eagles Hall Of Fame and is arguably the greatest quarterback in franchise history.

But Nick Foles might be more loved by the city, at least right now.

Foles enters this week as the Eagles’ starting QB in Super Bowl LII. In his short sample size, Foles has already had some playoff success, capped by his impressive 300-plus yard, three-touchdown, zero-turnover performance last week in the NFC Championship game against the Vikings.

Here’s a look at Foles vs. McNabb by the numbers.


Total Games Started

McNabb: 177

Foles: 42

Total Postseason Games Started

McNabb: 16

Foles: 3

Career Regular Season Passing Yards

McNabb: 37,276

Foles: 9,752

Career Postseason Passing Yards

McNabb: 3,752

Foles: 793

Career Regular Season Touchdown/INT Ratio

McNabb: 234 / 117

Foles: 61 / 29

Career Postseason Touchdown/INT Ratio

McNabb: 24 / 17

Foles: 5 / 0

Pro Bowl Appearances

McNabb: 6

Foles: 1

Postseason Record

McNabb: 9-7

Foles: 2-1

Super Bowl Appearances

McNabb: 1

Foles: 1

Super Bowl Wins

McNabb: 0

Foles: 0

Career Games With 7 Touchdown Passes

McNabb: 0

Foles: 1